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melo 001
12" vinyl EP

Assembled by #33
Lay Down Mega Man (mp3)
Field Angels
Akira theme
This time last week

14 june 1999

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Pedro EP

What they said about Pedro

'Don't know much about Pedro, but this six-track EP is a find. Extended DJ Shadow-style workouts … which sound like the incidental music to unmade 70s kids TV programmes'

'Touched by melancholia Pedro blends cottage electronics with gentle breaks to produce six quite lovely tracks that though simple, should be heard by post-rockers and beat connoisseurs alike.'
- Jockey Slut

'Apologies in advance for the grandiose statement. But this is music full of human spirit, made for the soul. Thankyou melodic. 5/5'
- DJ (Leftfield single of the fortnight)

'A six track EP that reaches parts other records wouldn't even dare try. Drop the needle and watch time stop. Enough to shame lo-fi non-believers into preaching door to door.'
- Echoes (single of the week)

'Like DJ Shadow mixing John Coltrane at 3.00am.'

'Pedro strikes a gorgeous chord with delicate folk lattice flickers glimpsed through the grain of a crackly four-track'
- Sleaze Nation

'Perfect for those 'Condor' moments'
- Straight No Chaser

'Pedro deals in exquisite, almost bluegrass acoustic pickings, like a traumatised Tortoise with Steve Reich tendencies. Irresistable. 4/5'
- Muzik

'Pedro mixes music workshop simplicity with cut ups and beats beneath it … and gradually walks hand in hand towards the beach at sunset with DJ Shadow helping out a more pastoral Felt Nearby. The stuff of dreams,…'
- Music 365 (single of the week)

'Broken amp melodies and rusty valves flicker out pure gold in flashes'
- What's On UK

'Joy. A new label and a new artist and a real sense of wonder to this EP that sounds like an unearthed gem from time ago.'
- Wax (Abstract Single Of The Month)

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