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melo 002
12" vinyl EP

46 Tops (mp3)
Stack on rat
Let me out
Albert park music

3 april 2000

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Bagatelle EP
Minotaur Shock

Minotaur Shock press quotes:

' …this is a gorgeous four tracker, reeking of late nights and lazy days. Delicate melodies, murky drums and obscure analogue effects conspire to charm and beguile' - THE FACE

' Crackers, varispeed lo-fi techno which might be tagged 'easy' if it were in the least bit easy. Aphex would have to be a fan.' - SELECT

'This is poignant, folksy electronica that's thankfully free of nostalgic whimsy.' - JOCKEY SLUT

' …it's the sombre yet eerily majestic 'Albert Park Music' that connects with a direct line to the soul.' - DJ

' lo-fi freeform jazz/electronic folk masterpiece that oozes subtlety, ambience and prowess. Not to be rushed or overlooked, the Bagatelle ep is one to saviour.' - FREEBASE

' …drum machines echoed to oblivion and whiplash chord changes .from the Tortoise school of pastoral Post-Rock' - SLEAZE NATION

' Think: Boards Of Canada. And then think of something far beautiful.' - NME

' Wonderful, scratchy, ethereal electronic delicacies, with scattered beats, ragged beauty, and a kind of naked, raw charm.' - WAX (abstract single of the month)

' Minotaur Shock is the side project of David Edwards, who drums for the fantastically named Bronze Age Fox, and 'The Bagatelle EP' forms the second release on the melodic label following on from last year's glorious Pedro EP. Slides of wibbling electronics raining over lo-fi noodling is the brief on '46 Tops' and 'Stack On Rat', and further hazin' and phasin' on the early Aphex Twinly 'Let Me Out' form side one of the EP whilst side two's 'Albert Park Music' ticks about for nine and a half minutes around a large inflatable art-space, proposing to soundtrack a sketch on Jam where a wig-wearing Chris Morris repeatedly says "c***" over it's piano ripples and occasional tambourine. More magic than it sounds, if that's at all possible. Minotaur Shock: nu-folk supastar - that is what you are.' - MUSIC 365 (****)

' The epic Albert Park track says it all but here are some relevant adjectives for you to mix and match as you wish: slow, lush, delicate, melting, poignant, delicious, electronica, folk, cosmic, brilliant.' - SKAM

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