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melo 004
12" vinyl EP

Motoring Britain
Avon Ranger (mp3)

15 january 2001

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melo 005
12" vinyl remix EP

Motoring Britain via athens (mp3)
Repertor uber alles
Motoring Britain caravan of courage
Stack On Rat shared conceit

12 february 2001

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Motoring Britain
Minotaur Shock

Minotaur Shock press quotes:

' … this is a gorgeous four tracker, reeking of late nights and lazy days. Delicate melodies, murky drums and obscure analogue effects conspire to charm and beguile' - The Face

' Crackers, varispeed lo-fi techno which might be tagged 'easy' if it were in the least bit easy. Aphex would have to be a fan.' - Select

' Think: Boards Of Canada. And then think of something far beautiful.' - NME

It would be silly not to even remotely suggest that we're ever so excited about the new melodic release from Minotaur Shock. The above quotes go some way to explain the acclaim that met his debut Bagatelle EP released earlier in the year. Motoring Britain is simply a stormer; comprising of a defining folk guitar riff alongside the biggest drums since Block Rocking Beats but always underpinned by the trademark Minotaur Shock twisted electronics.

Minotaur Shock is the solo project of 24-year-old Bristolian David Edwards, possibly to be dubbed 'busiest man in electronica' what with his band Bronze Age Fox about to release their debut material through Rex records as well his own debut album being near completion. Then, in amongst all of that, he manages live slots alongside Chicks On Speed and Wisdom Of Harry and a Twisted Nerve 'double-header' of remixing Andy Votel's Girl On A Goped and Mercury Music Prize-winning Badly Drawn Boy's The Shining. Both due out in 2001.

Two separate releases an explanation:

The Motoring Britain EP will come in the usual high quality grey sleeve, but this time as a gatefold. And there's a reason. The Minotaur Shock remix EP will be available to buy a month later (12th February 2001) in a plain white sleeve that conveniently fits into the other side of the gatefold sleeve.

The remix EP is something very special in itself with the likes of Blue States, ISAN, labelmates Empire State and fellow Bristolians 2 Amigos all contributing. In an exercise of swapsies it also means you may have already heard Minotaur Shock's remix of the 2 Amigos' The Great Freight Escape (Hombre 7" released in September) and you'll be hearing his remixes of Season Song by Blue States and Serene Driver by ISAN in the near future.

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