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Chapel Was My Dream (mp3)
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Blessed Is The Savant

27 september 2001

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Chapel Was My Dream

'A six-track 12" parcel of instrumental joys.'
- Music 365 (single of the week)

Some of you may remember the Pedro EP from June 1999, it was the debut release for the melodic label and if it hadn't been for the Pedro demo (released in its entirety) there would have been no melodic label. But luckily for all of us there was, and one of the most exciting new labels in the UK was formed.

There's no explaining needed for Pedro's music, just listen, it's truly beautiful, and well worth the 2-year wait. The above quotes go much further to explain. You're the journalists, we're not.

Pedro is one James Rutledge, 23 years of age, raised in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, educated at Oxford and now resides in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire where this EP was recorded. He has also released a track "Abacus" on a Twisted Nerve 7" and is one third of DOT on Twisted Nerve.

With such grand (and deserved acclaim) it's not surprising then that Thom Yorke was spotted buying a copy of the EP in Oxford and The Pastels and Kathryn Williams got in touch to suggest collaborations with Pedro. Mercury-nominated Kathryn Williams has recorded two tracks with James and Badly Drawn Boy's producer Joe Robinson. Apparently it was the most fun she'd ever had in a recording studio. The tracks will eventually get released as a Moshi Moshi limited edition 7" and then hopefully end up on both Pedro's and Kathryn's forthcoming albums.

The Pastel's collaboration has involved helping score the music for the forthcoming Bafta award-winning director David Mackenzie's film, 'The Last Great Wilderness'. The collaboration also involved Jarvis Cocker, Bill Wells and John McIntyre.

And then if that wasn't enough, alongside Jimmy Wright and Dave Tyack, James Rutledge is the third member of DOT who have their debut album 'Across Shawcroft' released this Autumn on Twisted Nerve.

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