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melo 009 / melo 009cd
12" vinyl / CD album

Roman Answer (mp3)
First to Back Down
Moray Arrival
Chance Anthem
The Range
Local Violin Shop
Three Magpies
There is a Dog
Out of the Hot

cd - 19 november 2001
vinyl - 26 november 2001

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Chiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers
Minotaur Shock

' Futuristic fractured folk music… cutting a swathe through the competition with it's fragile brilliance' - The Face

' Sublime, woozy, melodic, folk-tinged electronica' - NME

' Equating roughly to Boards Of Canada gone pop or Radiohead gone merrily leftfield' - Mixmag

Well here you go, the Minotaur Shock album. What can we say? 'Album of the year', of course!

Maybe, maybe not. But a more beautiful listening experience in a folk / electronica stylee will definitely be hard to find this year.

The above quotes came from reviews of his previous two releases Motoring Britain and The Bagatelle EP, and, just to be awkward, the album contains none of the tracks from these EPs. You'll see why not when you hear it. It's beautiful as it is.

Minotaur Shock is the solo project of 25-year-old Bristolian David Edwards. A man in demand and building a fare whack of a reputation with lots of plays of his music from Radio 1 to Radio 3. as well as numerous remixes this year for the likes of Badly Drawn Boy, Andy Votel, His Name Is Alive and Tim Hutton (to name a few).

Then there's his band Bronze Age Fox who David drums for, they only went and caught the attention of Rex records, the same label as The Avalanches. Check their track 'Farriss' cos it's the best one on the recent Fish Out Of Water EP on Rex.

Then, in amongst all of that, he manages live slots alongside Chicks On Speed, Wisdom Of Harry Blue States and To Rococo Rot. Minotaur Shock will be playing live at The Deep Burnt festival which is taking place in numerous venues throughout Glasgow and runs from the 22nd October until 28th. Other artists confirmed are To Rococo Rot, Mouse On Mars, Schneider TM, Andy Votel, Appliance, Sirconical, Dat Politics, Scientific Support Dept, Sputnikís Down, Future Pilot AKA, Pedro + many more tbc. Minotaur Shock is playing on Wednesday 24th October with To Rococo Rot and Appliance.

And if you're at either of The Big Chills this year you'll get to hear the album played live for the first time.

Then there's this album, ' Chiff-Chaffs and Willow-Warblers used to be visible on and around Hanham Hills, until they built a bloody big hole and put a road through it. ' David ornithologically explains.

Then… oh alright, we say, ' Minotaur Shock we love you, you've done a lovely album, you can have a rest now '.

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