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Oben Beg
Coca Sunshine
Calimero Renegade
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18 november 2002

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Bake Your Tape EP

Jean-Emmanuel Krieger is not only a resident of melodic Records but inhabits the real world in Brighton. Named after the Soviet launch-base in Kazahkstan, Baikonour brings forth a typically French goujon of electronica, idiosyncratic yet accessible, progressive yet funky and warm. You may already have guessed from the name his Gallic origins; Versailles to be precise, home to such names as Air, Super Discount and Alex Gopher. The very water must be imbued with the essence of great electronic music.

Bake Your Tape is a fitting title for something that sounds naturally risen rather than cut and pasted together, as J-E explains: 'Every track is made of different bits of recording done over two months for each track. When I start a tune I never know how it is going to evolve. Progressively, all the different parts are put together and the whole hopefully makes sense!'. It follows up last summer's collaboration, the Topo Gigio vs Baikonour EP. The duo are currently making Brighton bop with their monthly XII Angry Men slot and raising money for charity at the same time.

When it comes to producing his own music, however, Baikonour is a one man operation. 'I can't play a tune on guitar or keyboard apart from my own. I bought a computer instead of dealing with pissed off band members!'. Sometimes collective ideas corrupt true vision, and as Bake Your Tape demonstrates, Baikonour is all about a singular concept reconstructed and represented in the most meticulous way imaginable. Baikonour's fixation with Cocteau Twins and Krautrock bubbles beneath the surface of this EP, pricking the ear with occasional robotic bleeps but simultaneously offering the ointment of frothy percussion.

The EP comprises four tracks, each individually and esoterically themed yet continuous in their aura and vision. First off is Oben Beg, Nepalese for "oven baked" ('great use of the English pronunciation' remarks Jean-Emmanuel) which samples the bustling streets of Kathmandu as well as Radio Nepal. The Himalayan theme continues in the moody Calimero Renegade which samples Yak bells from Dolpo, east of the country. He plans a six-week pilgrimage to the area along with Topo Gigio in order to take along clothes collected for Tibetan refugees in Pokhara and Syabru along with money and stationary for the local school. Where J-E is concerned this is certainly no cause célèbre.

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