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3 march 2003

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Warm Industry EP

A brand new release from a brand new artist in the melodic tradition of beautiful, (often) instrumental, (sometimes) electronic music, we are pleased to bring you Gavouna

' I was painstakingly born in noisy Athens, Greece August 1976. After using my father's surname in my visual work, I thought it'd be natural to use my mother's maiden name in my music work. ' Explains Athanasios Argianas the one-man show behind Gavouna.

' I started doing music (with non-household equipment) at about 8 when I was given a violin as a Christmas gift. Since then, bi-monthly decisions on whether I'd be a musician or a painter were regular and always 'final'. Within that time I managed to skip several years in music theory class, and ended up following composition class with a fantastic guy who was part of the whole 70's avant guard thing and worked closely with Xenakis and Berio etc. He really changed the way I saw creative processes in general, not just music. '

Being from Athens didn't actually influence Athanasios' music in a straightforward way but subtly maybe it has, ' I was really stunned when I first heard Eric Satie and that was because it sounded awfully familiar since he was using Greek modals. I didn't know that then but there was something I could really understand. For instance I'd really love to be able to make music like Kraftwerk but I just can't. Whatever I do has to be 'softened-down' and humanised at the end. No straight lines and corners. If you look at a map of Athens you'll know what I mean. '

Electronic friends ISAN recently pointed out that Gavouna's music is hand-made but in a more 'pointful' way. This may have something to do with Athanasios' living being made from creating art or 'objects'. Like his art the textures are vital and as ISAN described, the timbral part is full of 'scratches' and 'scrapes' and 'clangs' and 'swells'. Compliments indeed as Athanasios says, ' I thought 'that's one of the most insightful things I ever heard about my work, and it also made me realise how close it is to my visual work. '

The Warm Industry EP reminds us of the best bits of Aphex's Druqs album - remember those lovely piano tracks? But we'd go as far to say possibly even more organic-sounding and less predictable. ' This EP is all hand made in the sense that everything comes from samplers and only samplers, but no phrases. I like using samplers as instruments in their own right. Every sound then has a hidden history, like a piano sound could be from a tape belonging to your Grandad or a shaker may come from a cigarette lighter you found somewhere. It's not sampling music but sampling sounds that are all personal. The outcome is just totally hand made. '

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