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melo 019
7" vinyl

The Heart Of All That Is remixed by Minotaur Shock
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child remixed by Pedro (mp3)

22 september 2003

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Lucky Pierre vs Minotaur Shock vs Pedro
Lucky Pierre

'an astonishingly evocative, emotionally potent record with a serene but terribly sad beauty'
- The Times (4/5)

'It's chill-out of the kind you won't hear emanating from every barbecue 'gathering' in the street and most welcome for that reason alone'
- Muzik (4/5)

'Aidan Moffat's debut solo album is a stunning collection of 21st century down-tempo bliss'
- 7 Update (album of the week)

'Unexpectedly therapeutic side-project from Falkirk's bard of the bedroom, Arab Strap's Aidan Moffatt'
- Mojo

In typical melodic style, we bring you the first single to be lifted from Lucky Pierre's Hypnogogia [ melo013 ] album only a year after said album's release. OK, so maybe we've not yet got the hang of releasing records to coincide with advertising campaigns, racking in HMV and such-like but it's still a gentle reminder of what a beautiful album that was. As well as the critical acclaim we've showed off with above, it was also a hit with a diverse range of DJs; from Gilles Peterson to Nick Warren (who named it his album of the year in 2002).

Opening is Minotaur Shock's epic take on The Heart Of All That Is which, along with the remix he's just done of Super Furry Animals' Cityscape Sky Baby must rank as one of the best he's accomplished. David Edwards (Minotaur Shock) explains his remix, 'Its a pop song, and takes a lot longer to cook up pop than it sounds. I was in a kind of string quartet / dancehall mood, so tried to put the two together using magic fingers, a bit of flour and some hot kneading action. Some of Lucky Pierre's booty-shakin' party-rockin' flavours fell into the pot as I reached for the tomato sauce, and this is the end result. Eat it up, but stay near a bathroom.'

Pedro's remix of Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child comes in typically stripped-to-the-bone style all glitchy and shiny in it's technical excellence.

This marks part of a busy period for the melodic label with Pedro's album [ melo018 ] already garnering exceptional critical acclaim. Forthcoming releases include the new melodic compilation (the follow up to last year's A Room Full Of Tuneful [ melo010 ]) in September and the long-awaitied CD album collection of Minotaur Shock's early vinyl-only releases 'Rinse' released in October.

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