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melo 020
12" vinyl sampler EP

notes - it’s a good thing
psapp - difficult key (mp3)
audiowhore - it's good but it's not right
lucky pierre - fan dance

13 october 2003

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Tracks for Horses EP
various artists

' You lot won Sonar by miles ' - Pilote

Wasn’t Sonar great? The sun is always the best thing of course, then the spirit measures they serve at the bar, oh and the music. But of course the highlight for some was the melodic label showcase (well we would say that) which included Pedro’s debut live set, a rare DJ escapade from label boss David Cooper (featuring tracks from The Who, Justin Timberlake and Happy Mondays) who got the crowd warmed up to a frenzy for Thursday night’s headliner Minotaur Shock - guitars and inflatable crocodiles - the perfect combo for the world’s biggest electronica fest. They came, they saw, they rocked!

Anyway, with the nights set to draw in and the temperature ready to crisply drop (by the time this EP is released in September) we’ve tried to pocket a little bit of that Sonar sunshine on the next melodic compilation. Tracks For Horses is a CD-only 14-track album to be released early November. In the meantime we’ve picked four of the best and most DJ-friendly numbers for a sampler EP.

The melodic label began in 1999 with the release of the Pedro EP [ melo001 ] and Tracks For Horses is the 20th release. The last compilation A Room Full Of Tuneful [ melo010 ] met high critical acclaim and was, like Horses, a platform for the label roster. Which means tracks from Baikonour, Gavouna, Lucky Pierre, Pedro, Minotaur Shock, Psapp and Topo Gigio but also we like to include some of our favourite as yet un-released tracks from demos and friends etc. Two of which are included on this EP from Notes and Audiowhore.

Opening the EP is It's A Good Thing from Notes which we’d describe as quirky Texan hip hop. Notes is signed to an excellent new label based in Greenwich called Manna records who sent us an EP of tracks which are planned for release and we had to plead with them to be a bit cheeky and let us release this track from Notes before they did! Next up are Psapp (seen on the right) with their trademark quirky and wistful but pop-driven electronica. In a fair and just world Psapp would be number one every week. Audiowhore’s track is a classic in waiting. A paen to possibly the greatest (or worst) game show of all time. It came about when they had 2 hours to write, record and mix a track for a radio session.They say, ' If we were clever we would try to claim it was an deconstructured expression of how prime time ITV television shows are the visual equivalent of the majority of risible dance floor hits. Maybe. ' We say God bless Challenge TV and God bless Roy Walker. As Lucky Pierre’s music was born for the sake of sending it’s author Aidan Moffat to sleep, what better track could close proceedings.

We challenge you to listen to a more diverse EP this year, and remember, ' Say what you see '!

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