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10 november 2003

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Minotaur Shock

' a truly flirtatious excursion into the melancholy realms of pure genius. ' - i-D

Oh joy! A new Minotaur Shock album. Well, OK, an old Minotaur Shock album. Yup, as some may have already gathered, this is basically the first two vinyl-only EPs and some other bits and bobs glued together Blue-Peter-style to form a metaphorical rinsing out of the Shock’s early bedroom-in-Bristol-based masterpieces.

For the unitiated, Minotaur Shock is the solo project of 26-year-old Bristolian David Edwards. His debut album Chiff Chaffs & Willow Warblers received exceptional critical acclaim (and before you say it, sold exceptionally well too) when released in December 2001. Thing is, in these days of electronica / folktronica / chill-out / whatever, it’s great to hear how raw and relevant this music still is. It also shows just how accomplished David Edwards is, especially if you compare it alongside any of the work of Aphex, Squarepusher, Bola, Boards Of Canada, Prefuse 73 and Fourtet. Whatever style, this is genuine, beautiful music that does and we think will stand the test of time.

From the space-age scrapes of Let Me Out to one of the best pieces ofambient music anywhere (yes it’s that good) Albert Park Music to the anthemic Motoring Britain it was always inevitable that this music would have to be released in CD format for the masses. Rinse also contains Minotaur’s only vocal foray alongside Louise Davies in Lady Came From Baltic Wharf. One of those lovely things where Lou heard the song, put her vocal too it, sent it back to the label and there was no choice but to release it.

David explains Rinse…

' Taking you back to the heady early days, full of nervous stabs at making music, where each movement of the fluff-clogged mouse was fraught with the danger of failure and the thrill of the unknown. Songs created mostly for personal pleasure, paying no heed to the ridiculous notion that some pisspot record label from up north might one day press these ramblings onto soppy plastic and parade them before the impressionable youth of the day. With this compact disc release we rinse out the dirty waters of inexperience whilst attempting to achieve the ultimate goal of modest financial gain from as little new work as possible. We hope it brings you as much pleasure as it brings us. '

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