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melo 022
Ltd Edition 12"

Coca Sun - Bhangratronic mix
by Amon Tobin
Oben Beg - Warm Oben mix
by Gavouna Calimero
Renegade - Voiceless Retroflex mix (mp3) by Topo Gigio
Zap 210 - Monomix
by Imitation Electric Piano

12 April 2004

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Hot Milk EP

'…creates brilliant electronic textures interwoven with sparky emotion and, dare we say it, damn fine tunes' - Sleaze Nation

In November 2002 Baikonour's Bake Your Tape EP was released. In true Melodic fashion, like a fine wine, maturity is something that takes time... either that or Melodic is very slow at getting records out. Let's go for the former; Baikonour, the electronicist on the Melodic stable who has that distinct prog-jazz-odyssey flavour brings forth his friends/remixers to the table...

As you'll soon find out each remix here is something very special and the one thing that runs in common is that all of the people who participated in this project are friends. First up is Amon Tobin, 'I've known Amon for a long time; about 6/7years. I think people don't realise (particulary in England) what a gifted musician he really is. His sense of rythm is second to none. When people compare him to big jazz names, I think they refer to that, this amazing sense of timing. He also introduced me to a lot of music I wasn't really into in the first place, some jazz stuff, some hip hop and jungle but I also introduced him to Krautrock and psychedelia. and I think you can really hear that in this remix' explains JE.

Next up is Gavouna, 'I never met him! He's my (electronic) pen-pal! We have long emails conversations about analog studio gear, food and wine and even politics. He's a great guy and it's refreshing to have another ex-pat european on Melodic. The remix he has done is quite different from what he has done on his EP and he went for a great Moroder, dirty disco tune but with real strings (thanks)!'

Topo Gigio: 'I've known Adrien since he was a little boy. He was in the same class as my sister and he's Etienne's brother (the guy who did the sleeve artwork) and both are living in Brighton too.'

Imitation Electric Piano: 'I'bought their first EP years ago, then I saw them live in a local club (they are from Brighton too) then they dissapeared for a while but cameback with a great album last year. Simon Johns has a quintessentialy english sense of melody, his tracks are like Morgan cars or Royal Enfield motobikes or Vox amps etc...'

For the unitiated, Baikonour is Jean-Emmanuel Krieger, not only a resident of Melodic Records but inhabits the real world in Brighton. Named after the Soviet launch-base in Kazahkstan, Baikonour brings forth a typically French goujon of electronica, idiosyncratic yet accessible, progressive yet funky and warm. You may already have guessed from the name his Gallic origins; Versailles to be precise, home to such names as Air, Super Discount and Alex Gopher. The very water must be imbued with the essence of great electronic music.

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