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11 december 2006

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summer loans
the isles

It's been a good summer for the New York foursome, with their album Perfumed Lands ('A slow burn album for all seasons. 8/10' - NME) prompting positive reviews and so it's no surprise they want to extend it for as long as possible. New single Summer Loans has an unmistakably East Coast groove but such an intrinsically familiar tapestry of woven guitar parts and vocal melody you'll swear you've been getting up to dance to it for the last ten years. Lovingly put together in their self-made studio, Summer Loans manages to capture the echo of the great New York outdoors as well as the claustrophobia of the great New York sprawl. They're a curious distillation of Britpop and East Coast punk and now honourary Mancunians in spirit and sound. We hope you'll make them feel welcome.

"I'm very sensitive to heat. It renders me useless".- Ben

The Isles have sat out the scorching July and August in the city and are longing for their natural habitat of cooler climbs, so it's just as well that Summer Loans heralds the band's first invasion of these isles. Melodic has coaxed over its most exciting new act for their first UK headline visit this Autumn, bringing flightcases full of their "brooding, contemplative groove pop" to the following lucky towns and cities:

Tue 14th
Dublin Club At The Hub
Wed 15th
Belfast Speakasy
Thu 16th
Glasgow Nice'n'Sleazies
Fri 17th
Halifax Royal Oak
Sat 18th
Manchester Night & Day
Sun 19th
Leicester Princess Charlotte
Mon 20th
Sheffield Leadmill
Tue 21st
Wolverhampton Little Civic
Wed 22nd
London Water Rats

Tickets are priced £6 for each show with London at £7. Available from

"Live is totally different. You feel an electricity go through you that removes you from this plane - its an unearthly sense of freedom or danger, like a roller coaster ride." - Ben

The lead track is accompanied by True South and Pills From Mexico on the flipside. Ben would go as far to list the latter as one of the band's three best moments to date, a paen to "consecutive hangovers, relationships gone awry, people that I thought I loved, people that I know I hate..... constant duality in thought all mixed up with a bit of hope".

"We want to continue pushing the boundaries of what you can do in a simple song and ways that you can express the world at large and your place in it. I can't foresee where that will take us, but hopefully we'll get some people along for the ride and we'll be able to continue paying our electric bill."

Even if it means they have to go totally unplugged, we hope there's plenty more where this came from in the coming seasons.

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