Michael A Grammar pre-order packs

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To purchase digital downloads from Melodic the following instructions must be followed:

1. Purchase via PayPal, by clicking on the 'Buy' link.

2. After your PayPal payment is confirmed, click on the 'Return To Merchant' link to go to your download page.

3. You'll also get an email with a link to your download page. Please ensure our email 'webmaster@melodic.co.uk' is in your trusted list.

4. On the download page, click on the link to save the music to your PC.

5. Our download system uses Flash Player. If you can't see the download link, get Flash Player from here .

6. Your music is held in a zip file. Most computers can open these. If not, you'll need an unzip tool such as StuffIt or WinZip.

7. Double-click on the zip file to extract the audio files.

8. If you can't find the download, it will have been saved to a default location defined by your internet browser. Seach for the file name melo078.zip or FLACmelo078.zip

If you have any questions or problems downloading, please email webmaster@melodic.co.uk


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